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Youth Voice, Youth Choice. training course in Armenia

📢 Are you passionate about shaping the future of democratic participation among young people?

🔍Do you want to play an active role in advocating for youth rights and local engagement? 

#WostAYN invites enthusiastic and dedicated individuals to participate in an empowering international activity to foster youth involvement in European and national/local elections.

✔️ About the Project:

The primary goal of this project is to motivate and prepare young people and youth organisations within the #WostAYN network to advocate for active democratic participation. Through a comprehensive training course, we aim to enhance the capacities of 10 youth organisation and 30 youth leaders, ultimately increasing their political influence within their communities.

✔️ Objectives:

  • Increase the political influence of young people in their communities by enhancing the capacities of 10 youth organisations and 30 youth leaders.

  • Raise awareness about the impact of the young generation in politics through 10 national campaigns, focusing on youth from minority groups.

  • Promote and increase young people's participation in upcoming European and national/local elections as observers, and active and/or passive voters.

✔️ Participant Profile:

  • Young individuals aged 18-30.

  • Members of youth organisations or aspiring youth leaders.

  • Passionate about democratic participation, human rights, and youth empowerment.

  • Willingness to actively engage in the project and contribute to its objectives.

📆 Date: 8-14 March 

📍 Location: Yerevan, Armenia

If you are interested, please, fill out the form. APPLICATION DEADLINE IS JANUARY 28, 2024.

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