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World Armenian Youth Network (WostAYN) is an international organisation founded in 2006. 

By uniting youth organisations, educational and cultural centres of the Armenian Diaspora, WostAYN strives to ensure their contribution to the development of Armenia-Diaspora partnership, to the resolution of the issues that are of national importance and require Pan-Armenian participation, to the development of the religious, spiritual, cultural and social heritage of Armenia. 

Today WostAYN unites 28 Armenian youth organisations from 23 countries worldwide.

Our Mission

WostAYN has adopted a mission to enhance the role of youth organisations representing Diaspora in their communities, to foster the youth policy development and implementation by strengthening Diaspora-Homeland partnership, bringing together the youth around the idea of national identity and national values. 

Our objectives are: 

- Fostering the preservation of national identity

- Raising and strengthening the collective power of Armenian Youth

- Strengthening the Motherland-Diaspora partnership

- Enhancing the role of youth.

Our Structure

The supreme body of the network is the Assembly, which is convened once every two years. The current superintendence headed by the Chairman implements the elected Board. 

The executive body of the organisation is the Secretariat led by the Secretary-General. 

The Council of WostAYN is composed of the representatives of the member organisations. 

The organisation also has a Monitoring Committee which is elected by the Assembly.  


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